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It’s about celebrating your successes along the journey too.


Being an integrative counsellor means that I have a wealth of different theories and modalities that I work with. I'm naturally caring, empathetic and understanding.

During our session, there may be ups and downs where feelings and emotions are shared. Tears, joy and all the emotions in between.  I will be with you in all of those moments as we reflect on the past, present and future. 

In sessions you will likey have "lightbulb moments",  changes of awareness or "ah haaa" moments, leading you to gain direction, clarity and confidence. 


Therapy isnt always about

Della 2023

Just to say thank you for offering me support & clarity. I'm feeling very positive about the future. 

Matt 2024

Clare was kind and thoughtful in the way she spoke to me. At times it was as if she knew me better than I knew myself! Feeling heard and understood for the first time in my life.  Thank you Clare. 

Darren 2023

Having experienced a car accident Clare used the the rewind technique with me and I am now feeling more like my old self, the anxiety has gone and I can carry on with my life. Thank You. x

Steve 2022

I have used several counsellors over the years. I most recently contacted Clare and I must say, she’s the best. My life seems much less complicated and I’m much happier than I can ever remember being. The environment and relaxed atmosphere that Clare has created made me feel relaxed and able to talk. Thank you Clare!

Saba 2022

I felt that Clare understood me straight away and has helped me to become the person I was meant to be. Thank you sooooo much Clare xxxx


My time with Clare was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My family noticed a difference in me as soon as I got home from my first session. I can’t recommend Clare highly enough.

Paul 2023

Clare really helped me with my anxiety. I felt a difference straight after the first session and within just a few weeks not only had I got the mental tools to help me cope with life but the root to where my anxiety was coming from which clare supported me in making postivie changes to my life!  

Susie 2022

Clare has such a kind nature and was so patient with me while I shared my life story and problems with her. I feel like I have been learning to drive my whole life and Clare has enabled me to pass my test and although I feel a little nervous that therapy has ended, I know that I have to knowledge and skills to deal with things that come up in my life. 

Lisa 2023

Clare has really helped me with my grief. I found it really hard to talk with my family as they were grieving too. Clare gave me the space to cry and explore my feelings which in turn helped me to share things with my family in a open, healthy way. I cant thank her enough. X 
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