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I thought it might be useful to share with you my experience and thoughts about ADHD. 

Having worked in children's residential homes and  schools with those presenting and formal having a diagnosis of ADHD in the past has given me an understanding of what a person may be thinking, experiencing  and feeling in their everyday.  I have also had training in autism, giving me a clearer understanding of those on the spectrum. 

Through my training in counselling I began to see links between attachments, trauma and ADHD and how a personality may be formed (including my own) and how much counselling can help, with or without a diagnosis. 

Working together, we can explore thoughts about "your" ADHD and work to the outcomes that "you" want, giving clearer thinking, a sense of feeling more in control of your emotions and anxiety. 

Sometimes knowing which road to take is hard, if you feel that this is something you'd like to explore further,  Please fill in the contact form on the home page. 

Looking forward to meeting you.

Clare XOXO

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